In all the hunts he has made to complete his goal of killing a turkey in 49 of the 50 states, Randy Stafford has seen firsthand what the National Wild Turkey Federation has done in regards to introducing turkeys to areas where there weren't any before.

"It's the best comeback story of any wild game species — the wild turkey," Stafford said. "And there's one reason for it, the National Wild Turkey Federation."

Stafford has been involved with the NWTF for several years, and now serves as the Louisiana State Chapter President. Through his dealings with the NWTF, he has concluded that no other wildlife organization puts as much money back on the ground as the NWTF.

By "putting it on the ground," the NWTF invests in conservation and wildlife habitat including fall and spring seed subsidy programs for things like chufa and Round-Up Ready Corn.

The NWTF also is heavily involved in getting young people involved in the shooting sports through programs like JAKES and the Take Aim trailer that Midway USA has helped support. They also get women involved through Women in the Outdoors, and the Wheelin' Sportsmen program helps give people with disabilities the chance to enjoy the outdoors.

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