Ken Sherman and Marc Lowenthal said before they hit the water for the start of the two-day Louisiana Sportsman Open bass tournament, but when the first-day scales settled the team held the lead with a five-fish limit weighing 21.80 pounds.

"We had most probably 20 weigh-fish today and most probably 30 total fish," Sherman said as he waited to weigh his fish.

The team "ran south from Doiron's" landing to put their bag together, flipping craw worms and jigs.

"We were fishing moving water," Sherman said.

Sherman and Lowenthal not only goes into the second day of the tournament - during with the top 20 teams fish for a guaranteed first-place prize of $10,000 - they also weighed in the heaviest bass of the day at 6.4 pounds.

The cut-off to fish the second day was 13.84 pounds.

Joining Sherman and Lowenthal in the final day of competition will be:

• Ivy and Casey St. Romain - 18.92 pounds
• Corey Bell and Russell Broussard - 17.55
• George Shaheen Jr. and Raymond Loupe - 17.55
• Kirk Allain and Blake Sylvester - 16.85
• Owen Plaisance and Gerall LeBlanc - 16.38
• Todd Murray and Wayne Murray - 16.29
• Billy Billeaud and Jerremy Guidry - 15.83
• Jeffrey P. Carmouche and Devin Landry - 15.81
• Frank Ducote and Glynn Scalise - 15.58
• Joe Rials and Bucky Crowson - 15.34
• Kyle Bourgeois and Douglas McClung - 15.10
• Donnie Hopkins and Moonie Bergeron - 14.79
• Chris Babin and Jamie Smith - 14.76
• Lee Hillman and James Parker III - 14.64
• Jacob Liner and Adam Marceaux - 14.37
• Raymond Louque and Anthony Bonadona - 14.10
• Vernon Silver and John Burns - 14.08
• Mark Comeaux and Mike Lee - 13.99
• Tate Molea and S.J. Laiche - 13.84

The teams will weigh in at 2 p.m. in conjunction with the Louisiana Sportsmen's Show being held this weekend at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales.

Click here for a full schedule of events for the show.

Sherman said they had a limit in the boat by 8 a.m., and not long after that they started piling it on.

"About 8:30, we catch a 6-pounder," he said. "About 9:30, we catch another 6-pounder."

That gave them a solid 19 pounds, and during the rest of the day they culled a few smaller fish to put together their ultimate sack of fish.

Sherman said he wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring because the fishing day ends early: Competitors have to be checked in by 1:30 p.m. at the dock to make the weigh-in.

"We not only have a short day, but we've got daylight savings time, so we lose another hour," he said.

He said he wasn't sure they would be able to put together a limit of bass to match today's accomplishment, but he said the fish should be there to hold the lead.

"We ought to be able to catch a limit early, and catch 15 or 16 pounds - which is (the total) I thought (before the tournament) it would take to win it," Sherman said.

Show hours for the Louisiana Sportsmen's Show are 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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