Anglers who make an immediate and necessary change first thing in the morning after a cold front would be wise to not forget about what patterns were working well before the front blew through.

Take a trip Simsboro angler Sid Havard made to Caddo Lake recently. He had been catching a lot of bass on a Rat-L-Trap burned through lily pad stems, but he was forced to change up one post-cold front morning.

"I was whack stacking big bass on that Trap, but they just wouldn't eat it the next morning," Havard recalled. "I had to slow down and fish a stick bait all morning long, but I noticed that things were changing about 11:00."

He picked up his Trap and started reeling it as fast as he could through the pad stems again, and he went right back to catching bass.

"It took a while for the sun to warm up the water," Havard said, "but when it did, it was as if that front hadn't even come through.

"If you have to change tactics because of a front, don't forget about going back later in the day and trying what had been working for you before."