Most tournaments that launch at Doiron's Landing are one-day events in which anglers can pound on their fish as hard as necessary to stack up as large a limit of bass as they possibly can.

With the Louisiana Sportsman Open Bass Championship being two days, that might leave some anglers wondering how to manage their fish.

"It's not going to affect some teams because we have so many circuits that have two-day championships in that area that I'm sure some of them are going to know what to do," said Jason Pittman. "But you've got your weekend guys out there who might have a little skepticism and questions about how long to beat up their fish."

Pittman believes the most important attitude to take into the first day of competition is that it's not possible to win it the first day, but it is possible to lose it.

"Think about it," he said. "There's no sense laying off your fish on the first day if they're cutting to the top 20. If you catch 12 pounds and then stop beating on your fish, you may wind up in 25th place, which isn't going to do you any good. I think you're going to be better off getting what you can now because you don't know what's going to happen with the river or the water or anything else."