Two New Orleans men were cited Wednesday (Nov. 16) for allegedly possessing too many redfish and speckled trout while fishing in Point a la Hache, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported.

Lee W. Pierce, 38, and 42-year-old Clay W. Mazyck Jr. were cited for taking over the daily limit of red drum and spotted sea trout in the Jefferson Lake Diversion in Point a la Hache, the LDWF announced.

The citations came after LDWF received a complaint and an enforcement agent conducted surveillance in the area during which the two men were allegedly seen actively fishing and then leaving the area.

The agent stopped the anglers at the boat launch and allegedly found them in possession of 99 spotted seatrout and 15 red drum.

The daily limit for spotted sea trout is 25 per person per day, while the daily limit for redfish is five fish per person per day.

"This time of year, agents spend most of their time in the woods monitoring hunting activity.  However, this case and others like it prove why it is important to continue to have a presence on the water enforcing fishing regulations in the fall and winter months," LDWF's Col. Winton Vidrine said.

Taking over the daily limit of red drum and spotted sea trout each carry a maximum fine of $350 or up to 60 days in jail or both, plus court costs for each offense.

In addition, both men could be required to pay civil restitution for the illegally taken fish.

All of the fish were seized and donated to charity.