Proposed changes to turkey-hunting regulations, including a move to two hunting regions, were presented to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission yesterday (June 2).

The proposed changes are expected to be made formal at next month's Commission meeting, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced.

It is expected that the season would open in the south on the Saturday closest to March 22, and in the north on the Saturday closest to March 29. Youth turkey hunt weekends would be set a week prior to the season openings.
The length of the turkey season would vary and be based on the area A, B and C breakdowns similar to that used in 2011.

Zone boundaries will be announced at the July commission meeting when the formal turkey season notice of intent is presented.

A 60-day comment period will begin then to gather public input on the proposed season framework and WMA regulations.
Turkey Program Study Leader Jimmy Stafford told commission meeting attendees that the 2011 floodwaters may impact seasons along the Mississippi River, but that impact is still to be determined.