Kyle Lawrence, who goes by the screen name of Flat Guy, won the February edition of the Big Bass Contest, and will receive a $15 gift coupon to the online Sportsman Outdoor store.

Lawrence's photo shows him holding a big bass caught in the Tank Pond, where Kevin VanDam won the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. Lawrence, who goes by "Flat Guy" on the reports forum, fished the Lake Cataouatche cove after watching VanDam and Classic runner-up Aaron Martens during the championship event.

"(I) was a marshal for two days of the Classic; one of those days with Hackney and, for about an hour and a half, Hackney fished the Tank Pond in the same area as KVD and Aaron," Lawrence wrote in his entry. "I returned there on the Tuesday after the Classic.

"This was the first fish after about of being there about 15 minutes."

The contest continues through April, with monthly winners chosen by user votes. Each monthly winner will receive a $15 gift coupon to the Sportsman Outdoor Store and move on to a grand-prize voting round.

The winner of the finals will receive a Shimano Caenan 100 baitcaster valued at $90.

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