Frierson's Belinda Prudhome was awarded the National Wild Turkey Federation's 2010 Annie Oakley Award this weekend to recognize Prudhome's work in getting women involved in the outdoor sports.

"The first Women in the Outdoors event that I went to, I didn't have a clue that I would ever go turkey hunting," Prudhome said in explaining how she got started working to get other women involved. "I took a turkey-calling class and got my first turkey call at the first Women in the Outdoors event in Louisiana. Three years later I called in my first turkey.

"Since then, I have taken my two best friends and all four of my grandchildren turkey hunting, and have sat beside them as they each harvested a bird. If it wasn't for the Women in the Outdoors program, I never would have made those memories."

She accepted the award during the National Wild Turkey Federation's National Convention and Sport Show in Nashville.

Known as "B" to her friends, family and the hundreds of people she's introduced to hunting, the spunky redhead makes a lasting impression on anyone she meets. Her energy and enthusiasm have spilled over into her efforts with the NWTF's Women in the Outdoors program. As chair for the Bodcau Purrin' Hens Chapter, she and her committee host hands-on educational events where women ages 14 and older try their hands at shooting, camping, fishing and other outdoor pursuits.

"I have heard story after story from women who say `B took me on my first hunt,' or `B taught me how to skin a deer, tie a knot, build a fire,'" NWTF Regional Director Chad Bowen said. "Countless women have come to know the outdoors through her unselfishness and willingness to give back."

According to Bowen, Prudhome is dedicated not only to the Women in the Outdoors program, but to the NWTF as a whole.

"She will do anything asked of her to assure the NWTF's mission is carried out," Bowen said.

For the past decade, Prudhome also has volunteered through the NWTF to help with events for children, people with disabilities and the needy. Her passion for ensuring that North America's hunting heritage is preserved is best reflected by her efforts to take others to the woods.