Cliff Crochet went into the second day of the Bassmaster Classic in 19th place, but he broke out early to land one of the first limits of the day to move up into the fifth place.

"I knew today I needed to go out there and catch every thing I could," Crochet told on the way to the weigh-in. "I probably caught 25 fish, with 17 keepers."

Although he slipped back to 14th in the unofficial results, the Pierre Part Classic rookie couldn't be happier.

"I can't lie: I'm a happy fellow," Crochet said. "They're not big, but they're bigger than they were yesterday." will report his final standings after he weighs in, but Crochet said there was very pleased with his day.

"I had my first limit by 8:10 (a.m.)," he said.

The fish in the mid-lake creek in which he was fishing were thick.

"This morning I went to my morning fish and beat on them a little bit," he said. "I probably caught two limits."

He then worked his way to his second area, located all the way at the bottom of the lake.

"I threw a wacky worm, and caught another limit," he said. "I managed to cull once."

At that point, he started trying other tactics to upgrade.

"I just fished fast and tried to cover water hoping to run into a 4- or 5-pound bite," Crochet said. "I didn't catch one yesterday, and again I didn't catch any today."

He said he gambled on getting a big fish for one reason.

"I do not think I can get that 4- to 5-pound bite with the jerk bait or wacky worm," Crochet said.

 His plan tomorrow is to go back and do pretty much what he did today.

"I'll go to my jerkbait fish and beat them to death, and then I'll flip for a few hours," Crochet said.

All things considered, however, being able to do so well in his first Classic has pumped him up.

"It's unbelieveable. It's crazy. It's fulfilling," Crochet said. "It's just incredible.

"Hopefully it's a sign of things to come on the (Bassmaster) Elite Series."

More coverage is forthcoming, so be sure and check back often.