The Internet is all about community, and that's why so many outdoor enthusiasts come to They feel a sense of belonging, of being with likeminded people.

That social experience just took a step forward with the introduction of the profile pages.

The concept is simple: Each registered user has a page that all his or her own. Much as other social-networking sites, the user can designate a profile picture. A user also can add profile information to let others know a little bit about himself.

Accessing these profile pages is easy: Simply click on the user's name in the report, comment or classified ad.

Users can access their own profile pages via the "View Profile" link in the log-in section of the page in the upper left column.

Once on a profile page, all of that user's activity on the Web site is displayed.

Along the left-hand column are the profile photo, an e-mail link, a list of some basic biographical information, specific outdoors interests and some very brief information on the most-recent interaction on the site.

Along the top of each profile page are six tabs that allow access to a wealth of information.

The "About Me" tab shows the profile information plus a more in-depth synopsis of reports, classified ads, comments, photos and videos uploaded by that user.

Want to check out a full list of that user's reports? Simply click the "Reports" tab and the most-recent 20 reports. Want to know what topics the user is commenting on? Go to "Comments," and there are the top 20 comments. The same holds true for that user's classified advertisements, photos and videos.

Users' photos currently are being pulled from their reports, but plans are in the works to expand this to offer photo galleries independent from the forum. This will allow users to upload full galleries of images from hunting and fishing trips without the three-photo restriction found in the reports page.

Perusing all reports, comments, photos, ads or videos by a specific user can be accomplished by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of each individual profile tab.

To register and begin developing your personal profile page, click here.

This is a beta, so we ask that you email Andy Crawford with any glitches you might find or suggestions you might have.