Ethanol gasoline is a growing concern for boat owners as it becomes more and more difficult to find gas stations selling 100-percent gasoline. Why is this new fuel blend so problematic?

I'm glad you asked because we at have teamed up with LaPlace's Alton "Pete" Landry to answer those questions and help locate gas stations that appear to be selling non-ethanol fuel.

The new Ethanol Free Gasoline section of the Web site provides a lot of extremely useful information to boat owners.

Central to this new feature is a listing of gas stations that appear to be selling 100-percent gasoline. The page can be found at

A link to the Ethanol-Free Gasoline section also will be placed on the left-hand column of the home page on Dec. 26.

Landry has done a fantastic job of collecting information on these stations, which are not displaying the legally mandated decal when ethanol fuel is being sold, and has set up the table to provide the name, location and city of each site.

He also has provided the parish, and has created a completely searchable database. So if you live in Baton Rouge and want to find an ethanol-free gas station, you simply search for any stations on the database in East Baton Rouge Parish or Baton Rouge.

It's important to note that this database is compiled from user reports, which is based solely on the absence of the ethanol warning decals. This doesn't guarantee a station is selling 100 percent gasoline: It only means the station owner isn't using the decal required by law.

So it's probably a good idea to ask before pumping just to be sure.

And if you know of any station on the list that is selling ethanol, or you know of other stations selling 100 percent gasoline, please e-mail Landry at (using the subject line "Non-ethanol gas stations in the subject line).

Landry will be revising the database constantly to provide the most up-to-date information possible.

In addition, Basic information about ethanol gasoline and the dangers it poses can be found on the main Ethanol Free Gasoline page, located at

Landry has compiled several articles detailing properties of ethanol, a history of the production of this alcohol additive and all of the concerns surrounding its use.

More information will be added, so this is a section you will want to check regularly.