XCalibur's Xt3 Twitch Bait is a fantastic lure when bass are up shallow, and the new Xt3D expands the bait's effectiveness by essentially doubling the depth the lure will run.

The Xt3D (the "D" stands for "deep") runs 4 to 12 feet deep and retains the side-to-side movement on the twitch that makes the shallower-running version such a fish-catching bait.

The new, deeper-running bait features the same ultra-realistic etched finish and gill plates that fool even the most-pressured fish. The ultra-sharp VMC inline treble hooks penetrate quickly and hold fast. Inline hooks ride against the belly of the bait on the retrieve, making the Xt3D extremely snag-proof. It also suspends in place when paused, driving bass crazy.

Available in nine color patterns, including Pearl Melon, Foxy Momma and Sour Grape.

MSRP: $12.99.
www.lurenet.com, 479.782.8971