Two hunting community pages have been added to, allowing deer hunters and waterfowlers to find all the information they need in central locations.

"Hunting is all about community,"'s Andy Crawford said. "That's so much time is spent at hunting camps, and we wanted to provide the same camaraderie, the same sense of community here on the Web site."

The community pages, found by clicking on "Hunting" in the top navigation bar and then choosing "Deer" or "Waterfowl" in the sub-navigation bar, collect various content from all over the Web site.

"It's one-stop shopping," Crawford said. "You can access all of the different types of content – from articles to videos to photos – from one page."

Each page has a section for feature articles from the Louisiana Sportsman magazine archive, new products, news stories and videos. There also is a section showing current, most-viewed and most-comment reports pulled from the reports forum.

The deer-hunting community page also provides big-buck photos from the deer gallery, while the waterfowl page samples photos from duck- and goose-hunting reports.

Of course, users can easily post their own reports, photos and videos through these pages. 

Bloggers also have been added, with Capt. Mike Herrmann and's Guy LeBreton (known as Guy L in the user forum) sharing thoughts about waterfowl. On the other page, former state biologist Dave Moreland will join Field Reporter Ricky Aucoin and Baton Rouge bow-hunting fanatic Patrick Kelleher in talking about deer.

"Our bloggers will provide insights into hunting, sharing their experiences from the field and discussing wildlife management," Crawford said.

And because much of the content is collected randomly, visitors will find an constantly changing stream of content.

"There is such a wealth of information on that no visit will ever be the same," Crawford said.

These are just the first of several communities being planned for release in the near future.

"We're already planning fishing communities, and are considering other hunting centers, to make the site's information more accessible," Crawford said.