Louisiana Sportsman's wealth of information is now available on LouisianaSportsman.com, with roughly 1,000 feature articles older than two years being open to the public through our front page.

"The magazine has grown to be the bible for Louisiana's sportsman precisely because it provides information readers can use to improve their hunting and fishing experiences," Associate Internet Publisher Andy Crawford explained. "While one day the archive could be provided as premium content to subscribers, we believed it was important to allow our users to use it today at no charge."

The archive can be accessed through the "Story Search" function at the bottom right corner of the front page. Simply use the "Past Contents" tab to peruse stories dating from April 2002 through November 2007.

Available are almost 700 fishing articles. This category 116 features on inshore saltwater species, more than 140 freshwater articles and upwards of 50 offshore pieces.

On the hunting side of the equation, the archive holds almost 300 information-packed features including almost 100 deer-hunting stories, nearly 60 waterfowl pieces and 17 turkey features.

"As we move forward, we will continue to expand the archive by opening other past issues on a monthly basis," Crawford said. "So be sure and check back often."

The stories currently do not include all graphics, but options are being explored to make the full features available.

"While the stories hold incredible amounts of information, we know that the maps are also valuable," Crawford said. "While some maps are included in the currently available archive, we are hoping to offer the full compliment of graphics in the near future."