Two weeks ago, Captain Bill Lake with Bayou Guide Service (985-851-6015) was crushing the speckled trout in Lake Mechant and Sister Lake at the rate of 100 per day. For the last few days, though, the wind has taken about 40 trout off the top of that. However, he says 60-trout days are only possible right now if you get out there at the crack of dawn.

"The wind hasn't been terrible," said Lake, "but it's been enough to mess us up. Down here, because all our fish right now are still in a fall pattern out in the lakes in two feet of water with muddy bottoms, if you don't catch your fish by 8:30 the wind comes up and everything gets dirty."

Because of the wind, Lake has been concentrating on hugging the northeast banks in both lakes. He's been catching some trout over the reefs when the wind hasn't been blowing too hard, but his best action has been under diving birds that are eating first thing in the morning.

"There are some nice trout... 14 to 18 inches... under the birds," Lake continued. "We normally don't throw double rigs Chubs this time of year, but right now we're catching them two at a time. If I could, I would throw them four at a time, but I've tried that, and it doesn't work."

Lake explained that the double rigs have been working well under the birds because most of that action has been in about three to four feet of water, which gives him enough depth to work them without snagging the shells. However, on those rare occasions when he can hit the reefs in two feet, he switches over to the single Chub.

If the wind would calm down enough, Lake believes the trout bite would explode once again. "The wind is the problem," he said. "We're only fishing 20 percent of our area right now because the other 80 percent is muddy. Once you get away from the north shoreline, it's all chocolate and just not happening."

Although the wind has been the main culprit, Lake also pointed out that the giant, bright full moon the last few days has caused the trout to feed more at night, which has led to the tougher bite.

All is not lost, though. Sister Lake and Lake Mechant are excellent options for somebody looking to put some fish in the boat this weekend. Just make sure to get out there before the sun rises. "It's critical," Lake concluded. "If you lose even an hour, you'll probably miss out on at least 25 to 30 trout."

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