With all the crazy weather South Louisiana has been experiencing lately, it's nice to know that at least one place hasn't been adversely affected. The trout fishing out of DuLarge has been fantastic for the last few weeks, and Captain Bill Lake (985-851-6015) doesn't see it slowing down any time soon.

"We had been limiting out by about 8:30 or so in the morning the past few weeks," said Lake. "The trout are warming up after the cold weather, and they are eating everything in sight. Most of our fish are coming on the LSU Bayou Chubs. Everything has mainly been coming on the tightline, too… no corks."

Right after last week's cold front, Lake found much of the water around Sister Lake and Lake Mechant to be hovering around 50 degrees. The north winds had also pushed a lot of water out of DuLarge.

"That hasn't been the case so far this week," Lake added. "The south winds have returned, and the water came back up. We got a good start to this week, and the rest of the week should be just as good."

After the cold front, Lake had to move off to some of the deeper canals around places like Sister Lake, Lake Mechant, Lake Decade, and Bay Antoine. Since the water has warmed, Lake has returned to fishing the flats and reefs in these same areas.

"December is a great time to fish DuLarge," Lake continued. "The pattern may change based on the water temperature, but what the trout do if it's warm or cold is pretty predictable… deep when it's cold and flats when it's warm."

The great thing about fishing DuLarge during December is that the average weight of the trout typically increases a little bit. Some big fish come from the DuLarge area this time of year. By the time January rolls around, Lake said it wouldn't be uncommon to see some 5- and 6-pound trout coming from Lake Decade.