My favorite fish to catch is speckled trout, but when someone is giving away valuable prizes in a friendly redfish competition, I target spottails the most basic and efficient way to put them in the boat -- with dead shrimp under a cork.

That's what I did during the recently completed Marsh Madness, an annual event that unites media with outdoor-industry representatives for three days of fishing, food and way too much fun. It's all centered at Venice, near the terminus of the Mississippi River.

On day one, I took along Dustin Kelone, social-media coordinator for Rat-L-Trap. After a harrowing boat ride across the river and over a bumpy bay, we proceeded to waylay redfish of all shapes and sizes, including one that put me in contention for one of the valuable prizes.

In that spirit, Rat-L-Trap and I combined on a giveaway that could result in an awesome prize pack delivered to your front door.

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