• Thermacell 

An excellent scent-free mosquito repellent, no hunter should be caught in the woods during the early season without one. 

• Snake boots

From rattlesnakes to cottonmouths, the woods of Louisiana are ripe with reptiles in September. A good pair of snake boots will give you a piece of mind and prevent any missteps on the way to the stand. 

• Mesh safety vest

Safety is a priority when climbing trees, and many hunters have opted for vest systems, which are easy to slip on and off. Find a model that’s made of mesh to allow air flow and reduce the amount of layers on your body. 

• Scent control

Consider changing into your hunting clothes after you’ve walked — and sweated — through the woods. Then, apply a liberal amount of scent control spray to your clothes, and uaw scentless deodorant. 

• Hydration

A bladder system can hold a few liters of water, and fits snugly in your backpack. The mostly hands-free system means you won’t be slowed down having to fumble with multiple bottles — although taking frequent breaks will help to prevent heat exhaustion.