During the scorching heat of summer, anglers have to take what they can get. It's not typically a season when you can motor the boat anywhere on the water, open the ice-chest lid and watch the fish jump in while you enjoy an icy-cold beverage.

My son, Joel, and I set out in search of anything that would bite last week, unsure of what we'd find or catch. The uncertainty didn't last long, however. On Joel's first cast, he set the hook on a keeper marsh bass, and the action stayed fairly steady until we had pulled more than our legal limits over the gunwale.

Best of all, we were off the water before many commuters had even shown up for work, making it the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

Hot lures of the day included watermelon-colored Zoom Trick Worms, Zoom Speed Worms and Yum Dingers. We fished the soft-plastic lures weightless on 4/0 H2O Express wide gap hooks.

For all the details, be sure to watch the attached video. If you enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the Marsh Man Masson channel on YouTube. Also, leave a comment here or on the YouTube page. What's your summer fishing been like? What species have attracted your focus? This seems to be a slow speckled trout summer for many anglers. Is that true for you as well?

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