There are more than 90 miles of Ouachita River between the Arkansas line and the Columbia Lock and Dam in Northeast Louisiana. The river lakes, bayous and cuts off the river are too numerous to mention. But the nice thing is that good access is available up and down the river, and prime fishing isn’t far away.  

Starting on the northern end of that stretch, there is improved access and parking at Lock and Dam No. 6 at Felsenthal; Finch Bayou (Alabama Landing) near Marion; Sterlington (on the Ouachita parish side) and in Monroe/West Monroe there are three big landings: Moon Lake to the north, Forsythe Park in Monroe and Lazarre Point in West Monroe. 

Prairion Bayou Recreational Area is the last major area south of Monroe before Columbia. The Columbia Lock and Dam offers access from both sides of the river at Riverton, and there is a large landing on Pearl Street in the town of Columbia.