Topwater frogs and Texas-rigged craws are “in season” on Blind River for Lyle Johnson from March to November. But he is quick to admit that the Texas craw is his mainstay lure. The clear water coming out of the sloughs draining into the river is what prompted his heavy use of the frog the day we fished.

Also, starting in late June, bass “gang up” on points to ambush shad and pogies, prompting him to throw blue and silver, blue and white, or chartreuse mid-running Bandit crankbaits.

He will also have a rod ready-rigged with a blue and chrome Rat-L-Trap or a Strike King Red Eye Shad. Finally, he will also hit points with a 7 ½-inch, Texas-rigged Zoom worm in sprayed grass color.

Starting in November, bass move off points and spread back out along the river’s banks. Lunker Lure spinners with one gold and one silver Colorado blade and swim jigs become effective.

It’s at this time of year, November to the end of the spawn in March, that Johnson shifts his attention to the Amite River from Port Vincent to 5 miles south of French Settlement, what he called his “favorite place in the world to fish.”

If he fishes Blind River during the February to April spawn, he likes Zoom Brush Hogs in watermelon red and red bug.

January and February are also good topwater months, when he likes to fish with Smithwick Rogues. His favorite color is a black-backed version with gold sides and an orange belly.