When you're fishing for your lunch, you don't exactly need to fill the cargo hold of a tuna boat to survive. So what do you do when the marshes spill their bounty all over your boat? You keep what you need for today, and then take the rest home for tomorrow.

That's what my son, Joel, and I did. We set out on a survival adventure near the popular South Louisiana port of Delacroix, and caught what we needed for each meal, but on the second morning of the adventure, everything came together, and we loaded the boat with speckled trout, redfish and more.

Conditions were perfect, with a ripping, incoming tide and not a puff of breeze, and the fish definitely responded, crushing soft-plastic lures in an assortment of colors. Water temperatures were in the mid-80s, which made the aggressive fish fight like raving lunatics. We tagged and released a bunch, but still took home plenty enough for a huge family fish fry, even after we ate what we needed that day for lunch.

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