The Sportsman TV crew loaded up and traveled over to near Brookhaven, Mississippi for this week’s episode featuring bass fishing on Lake Okhissa. 

Host Greg Hackney got together with Bernie Reed, the owner of Reed's Metals, for the opportunity to explore a spot he’d never fished. 

"I had never been to Okhissa before, but I had heard of it. Honestly, if I knew what kind of lake it was, I would have definitely gone much sooner," Hackney said. "It's the kind of lake that is deep enough to use my electronics to graph fish, and to have that so close to home is really awesome." 

In the episode, Hackney runs through a variety of fish-catching methods, but the one that worked best was dropping a jig into deep hydrilla. Tune in to see what Hackney used, and how he caught a nice stringer for the day. 

After the fishing trip, Hackney and Reed headed to the flagship location for Reed’s Metals to check out the production facility.

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