Weight deductions of half, to as much as a full pound, are assessed if tournament anglers bring in a dead fish. But it’s a delicate process to keep redfish alive in 90-plus degree temperatures in the blistering heat of Louisiana summers. 

Best practices for keeping them swimming include: 

• Using additives - Rejuvenade is a product added to the water in your livewell. Use it when initially filling the livewell, and then again halfway through the day.

• Clean water - Don’t fill the livewell with water from the pond you’re fishing. Larger water bodies adjacent to the interior marsh tend to be cooler and better oxygenated. 

• Oxygen - Use a supplemental supply of oxygen in lieu of a standard aerator. More oxygen in the water makes it easier for the fish to breathe; which puts less stress on them so they’ll be in good shape at the weigh-in.

• Keep the temperature down - Use frozen water bottles as opposed to dumping raw ice into the livewell, which can ultimately affect the salinity.