To fish the reefs in Lake Pontchartrain, Capt. Ty Hibbs generally launches out of Seabrook, which gives him several good areas to hit before he tries the reefs.

“Anytime I find a snag anywhere around Seabrook, Bonnabel or just the south shore in general, there’s usually fish on it,” he said. “It could be rocks, trash, a sunken boat. If there’s something down there that disturbs the tide and gives bait a place to hide, I feel like there will be fish on it.”

Some spots Hibbs likes around Seabrook are the airport wall and the catwalk.

“I’ve spent thousands of hours out there, and I’ve learned from a lot of different people,” he said. “You find areas that produce fish every time.”

Another area Hibbs likes is the wall just outside of South Shore Harbor. However, he employs a different method of fishing there.

“Anytime I find rocks or structure in less than 10 feet of water, I like jerkbaits,” he said.

Working the jerkbait is important, according to Hibbs.

“I’ll usually throw it out there, and twitch the rod tip really hard toward the water about three times and let it sit there,” he said.

Hibbs repeats this retrieve all the way back to the boat.