Not getting a proper anchor set is one of the most frustrating parts of fishing in deep water, both for those attempting to anchor, as well as others in the surrounding boats who are disturbed by it. 

The first requirement is having the proper-weighted anchor for the boat (too heavy is better than too light). 

The second requirement, and by far the most common mistake, is having enough anchor chain. 

In order for an anchor to catch, it must have a chain that makes the anchor lay flat on the bottom. At least 8 to 10 feet of heavy chain is necessary. 

The last requirement is having enough anchor line (at least 100 feet is the way to go). 

The proper anchoring procedure is to first determine the direction of the current. If other boats are already anchored, just look at the direction of their anchor lines to determine the flow. 

Motor up-current from where you want to fish (in deep water areas this could be up to 50 yards), the come to a complete stop and ease the anchor down, letting it free fall until you are sure it has reached the bottom. 

At this point, you can either ease the boat into reverse, or just let the current back you off the anchor. Feed the anchor line out while keeping slight tension until you’re in the position that you want to fish. 

Then cleat off the anchor line and check to make sure the anchor is set. 

If you follow these steps, the anchor should be set — and you and those around you can enjoy fishing.