In 2013, I moved my family to an established neighborhood that sits nestled on the prettiest river in Louisiana and maybe even North America. The Tchefuncte River is a place that looks like what Ray Scott, Doug Hannon and Bill Dance would construct if they put their minds together and built the perfect bass fishery.

Towering cypress trees have guarded the banks of the river for centuries, their roots providing hiding spots for cover-oriented largemouths to ambush prey. Ubiquitous deep holes offer the fish safety and security during extreme summer heat and Arctic winter cold. And the river is connected to Lake Pontchartrain, a large tidal bay that feeds it with baitfish throughout the year.

Yet, with all the factors working in its favor, the river produces just a few more fish than your average swimming pool. It's a really tough fishery. Still, I love the place, and fish it every chance I get.

I love it a little more now after catching my PB there last week. It wasn't my biggest bass ever -- that honor goes to a 9.42-pounder I caught on Toledo Bend with former Bassmaster Classic winner Jack Hains in 1995 -- but it was the biggest I've yet caught on the Tchefuncte.

The rest of the day wasn't quite as good as the start, but I still put some fish in the boat.

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