This time of year, Broc Corcoran fishes New Orleans' legendary and historic City Park seven days a week, eight hours a day. He can't get enough of the place, and it's clear to see why. The park's lagoons hold some of the biggest bass in the New Orleans area.

Catching them, of course, is anything but a cakewalk, but Corcoran uses big swimbaits and even multi-lured Alabama rigs to get the Berthas to bite. Just a couple weeks ago, he pulled the City Park bass record from one of the lagoons, weighed it on a certified scale in Bucktown, and released it alive back into the same lagoon.

With the City Park Big Bass Rodeo tomorrow, Corcoran lent me a hand in a friendly fishing competition promoting the event with Capt. C.T. Williams, who was videoing a spot for Fox 8 news. Williams will emcee the weigh-in Saturday morning.

The fishing was characteristically tough, but with Corcoran's help, I pulled it out in the end. As a result, Williams will have to pay the loser's price, which will require a slight change in attire.

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