February's weather in South Louisiana was like a fast-forward into late-spring, with temperatures setting records many days. For the most part, March has been more seasonable but still nice.

That all changed, however, when Capt. Theophile Bourgeois hosted outdoor media and industry leaders at his scenic Lafitte lodge last week. A fierce cold front catapulted the region back a couple of months, to the days when shorts could be worn -- but only under sweatpants and heavily insulated bibs.

That should have made fishing brutally tough, which was especially bad news for media attendees. Legendary New Orleans restaurateur Dickie Brennan had offered to prepare visiting anglers' catch at his world-famous Bourbon House restaurant in the French Quarter.

Fortunately, the fishing proved better than expected, with more than enough speckled trout, redfish and even a bass finding their way into ice chests. Brennan's staff turned the day's catch into works of art that tasted even better than they looked. As if anyone needed it, the event was confirmation that South Louisiana has the best fishing and cuisine anywhere on the North American continent.

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