Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney is never at a loss for words, but his co-host this week was: Sue Bob, a top-notch squirrel dog, just kept her nose on the ground and tracked down bushy tails for tonight’s brand new episode.

Sue Bob’s owner is Chris Roussell, a buddy of Blake Soileau, who owns and operates Full Strap and Stringer Guide Service on Catahoula Lake (Soileau was featured on Sportsman TV last season.)

The hunt got off to a slow start on a cloudy day, and the squirrels didn’t move around until later. Hackney worked the hunt toward an area he had deer-hunted last season and had seen lots of squirrels, and it wasn’t long before Sue Bob was barking up trees every few minutes. 

The group was successful, and Hackney discusses a variety of topics in the show, including finding deer sheds, the history of squirrel dogs and the best way to skin a squirrel.

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