The specific gear used by Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Caleb Sumrall depends on the lure he’s using.

When he’s punching, his foundation is a 7-foot-11-inch extra-heavy, moderate-fast Kistler KLX rod. Here’s the rest of his punching gear:

• high-speed reel (7.1:1 or higher)

• 65-pound or heavier braid

• Mustad Grip Pin flipping hook

• Pegged Kajun Boss tungsten weight (3/4 to 2 ounces)

The formula changes when he works open cover like stumps, laydowns and cypress trees:

• medium-heavy 7-3 Kistler KLX rod

• high-speed reel

• 15- to 20-pound fluorocarbon line

• unpegged Kajun Boss tungsten weight (1/4 to 1/2 ounce)

• wide-gap Owner hook

Picking up Kajun Boss spinnerbait calls for yet another change:

• 7-foot to 7-3 medium-heavy, moderate-tipped Kistler rod

• 6.4:1 reel

• 15- to 20-pound fluorocarbon

For square-bill crankbaits, he goes a little shorter with his rod and lightens up his line:

• 6-6 to 7-foot medium-action Kistler rod

• 6.4:1 reel

• 10- to 15-pound fluorocarbon