Justin Bowles' wife is way overdue, and it would probably have been wise for him to stay within reasonable driving distance of the hospital, but when big speckled trout are hitting topwater baits, any angler's judgement can become cloudy.

Bowles met me this week at a South Louisiana marina, and we glided over a flat-calm sea to get devoured by gnats and watch big speckled trout do the same to our hard-plastic lures.

It was an epic day that had Bowles' knees get equally weak whenever a trout crashed his topwater plug or he heard his cell phone ring.

Hot baits during the trip were MirrOlure She Dogs, Rapala Skitter Walks, Matrix Mullets and MirrOlure MirrOlips.

The topwater bite this spring has been exceptional, and the only factor that will shut it down is a period of extreme temperature. After this cold snap fades, the fish should again be looking toward the surface for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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