What do you do when winds are roaring behind a cold front, and you want to go fishing? Well, you go fishing.

After great success throwing topwater plugs on my two previous trips, I set out in search of more blowups from speckled trout and redfish, this time within 15 minutes of my front door. Conditions were terrible for fishing, but it didn't take long at all for my day to be made.

The area I fished, stretching from Green Point, around Goose Point, and all the way to Bayou Lacombe, is just a few long casts from the popular cabins at Fontainebleau State Park. 

The shoreline is easily accessible from public boat launches in Mandeville and at the end of Lake Road south of Lacombe. It is best on a north, northeast or east wind, and can be unfishable on a south, southwest or west wind.

For more information on Fontainebleau State Park, click here.

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