After boating some bruisers a few days earlier in Hopedale, I had topwater-trout fever, so I did some map study at home, and identified three areas that I suspected would hold some big ones.

I went out earlier this week to see if I was right, and never made it to two of the spots. The first held some gorillas, and I left them biting to get home and begin processing the video. I had never fished the specific area before.

The big speckled trout bit the same bait I had thrown during the Hopedale trip, a chartreuse/white MirrOlure She Dog. The lure also attracted some bites from redfish, including a massive bull.

Conditions were rugged, to say the least, with a ferocious wind whipping out of the east and a hard falling tide. As a general rule, late-winter and early spring fishing with topwater lures for big speckled trout is better on a rising tide.

I plan to check the other two spots next week to see if they too hold big trout that are looking to the surface for lunch. I'll have the video camera with me that day as well, so be looking for the video next week.

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