I loathe wind.

Mainly because it always blows when I don’t want it to. But also because it seems to follow me around.

It’s not unusual for me to get texts from charter captains wondering if I was on the water without them knowing it because it was an unusually windy day - a “human wind machine,” they call me.

Although wind drains the life out of me, I learned a long time ago that wind affects me much more than it affects the fish.

Captain Lane Zimmer, who fishes out of Lafitte, totally agreed.

“I get used to fishing in the wind around here,” he said, “especially during March. Seems like the wind blows hard every day this month. For me, wind keeps me from getting to a spot, keeping me off a spot or interfering with fishing a spot. 

“The trout don’t care.”

In other words, if Lane can get to his spot and make a good enough presentation with his baits, he can still catch specks.

Not too far away, Captain Travis Miller also knows all too well the problems that wind can bring to lower Terrebonne Parish. 

“Wind can be very defeating,” Miller said. “I find that if we don’t get on them early when the wind is blowing hard, my anglers tend to want to give up early. I think wind definitely affect fishermen more than the fish, but you’ve got to remember that trout are a little on the dumb side. 

“They’re temperamental, but not tricky to figure out… even if the wind is blowing hard.”

As Zimmer said, wind can throw some