The darkly tanned professional fisherman paused when he walked out of the country convenience store and looked at the boat hanging on the back of his truck, a 21-foot Triton TrX Elite with a big 250-horse Mercury.

He shook his head gently from side to side, as if not believing his fortune.

“I can’t believe where I am. It’s pretty amazing. Growing up here fishing for fun; I never thought I would be coming back here as a pro, doing an article on fishing in Cane River.” 

Keith Poche (pronounced PO-shay), a member of the coveted Bassmaster Elite Series, is listed on the organization’s website as being from Pike Road, Alabama, but he grew up in Natchitoches Parish. 

I was with Poche to learn the art of using the lure he invented, the Keith Poche Power Spinner, which he usually shortens to KP Power Spinner. He was back in Louisiana to visit his family, including his brother Burt Poche Jr., who accompanied Keith to fish Cane River Lake.

Burt, owner of Poche’s Wood Specialties, is a custom cabinet builder who lives in Natchez, Louisiana, hard by the shores of the lake. “It’s so convenient. I fish it once a week.”

After launching at Shell Beach Ramp in the tiny settlement of Bermuda, about mid-way on the 34-mile long river-lake, Keith ran north and stopped at the outside of a big bend in the river, speckled with floating lily pads. 

The inside of each bend usually has a shallow flat extending from the bank,” he explained. They assumed spawning fish would be using the flats. 

Keith started with the lure he would spend the rest of the day using, a 5-inch green pumpkin