It’s rainbeaux trout time. In December, Baton Rouge Recreation (BREC) stocked several of their ponds with rainbow trout. By now, they’ve discovered that aquatic bugs and minnows have more food value than marshmallows. 

Make sure your fly box has woolybuggers, mop flies, and beadhead nymphs. And even a few dry flies for mild afternoons. On slow days, suspend the nymphs under a small strike indicator.

Fly anglers in North Louisiana can enjoy this leaping species in its natural environment. Just three hours north of Shreveport, the Little Missouri River in Arkansas is year-round trout water. Winter is the prime stocking period. Try woolybuggers in the pools, and mop flies and beadhead nymphs in riffles.

Speaking of trout, this is the best month to catch the big coastal variety. On mild days, specks will emerge from deeper holes to feed on flats. Poppers and divers will get their attention. Other good patterns include Whitlock Baitfish, Seaducers and Coma Cocahos.

Water in the marsh ponds is low and clear. The poisson rouge will be cruising mud flats. A well-placed Borski Slider or Sandbar Mullet will entice strikes.

January is a great month for crappie in ponds and backwater areas. On overcast days, the fish will move to the shallows where a Fluff Butt a few feet under a strike indicator can bring home a good dinner.