The wind was blowing like the Seven Trumpets of Revelation.

I didn’t know if we’d catch any fish, but I knew we wouldn’t get lost. 

After all, I was fishing with a famous cartographer: Roy Williams, who makes fishing maps and has the whole coast plotted out on his computer. 

For years, he supplied the maps that Louisiana Sportsman writer Rusty Tardo’s articles were famous for. He’s also the guy who produced the fishing maps for the popular speckled trout book Trout Masters Too: How the Pros Do It. 

That’s how I met him.

But it wasn’t pretty when we launched at Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix. However, the forecast at least called for the wind to drop at least a little. 

I crossed my fingers. 

At the wheel of the boat was Lenny Barrios, Williams’ lifelong friend since junior high school. The two 60-year olds are exiles from the New Orleans neighborhoods they grew up in, Williams to Metairie and Barrios to Meraux.

“I prefer to fish bass now,” said Barrios with an ‘I’ve got a Secret’ grin. “But we’ve been fishing speckled trout and redfish all our lives. At one time, bass fishing was taboo in New Orleans.

“They were trash fish. People didn’t fish a lot of green trout. They were considered ‘northern fish.’”

“We had so much saltwater around us that we didn’t bother with fresh water,” agreed Williams. “Lenny got me started