“I can’t wait for October,” said Capt. Rory Rorison, of United Charters (504-439-1680). “I look forward to it every year. I finally stop making the long runs out into Breton Sound and I start fishing the in-between areas for both trout and redfish.”

Rorison said he had a great summer hammering big specks and reds around rigs and structure in the bigger outside waters of the sound, but the shorter runs, cooler weather and calmer seas of October are something to relish.

“The trout are moving inside and they’re hungry, and the Biloxi Marsh will turn on at all the usual areas such as Stump Lagoon, Muscle Bay, Cut Off Lagoon, Pete’s Lagoon... all that area is good in October,” he said. “Live shrimp under a cork is still the best bait, but plastics work well this month also. Vudu shrimp in white, natural or chartreuse colors, and Matrix Shad in shrimp creole or lemonhead colors on a ¼-ounce jig head hung about 2 ½ feet under a cork will catch fish. 

“Fish points with current, and fish wherever you see bait jumping or birds diving.”

Rorison said he also likes to target the mouths of the bayous in Lake Robin this month.

“There are bayous all around Lake Robin, and this month I’ll run that way and look for three things: Birds, bait, and current,” he said. “I’ll fish any flock of birds I see this month because you’ll catch keeper trout under them in the fall. 

“I’ll look for bait, specifically shrimp jumping out of the water. Wherever you see that, fish there because trout or reds are chasing them. If I don’t see any of that on the surface I’ll fish a current line. If I still catch nothing, I’ll keep moving and repeating the process until I do.”