Capt. Nick “Fishaholic” Rando (504-281-8287) said the trout are outside by now, so zero in your scope and aim for the big waters of Breton Sound and Black Bay.

“The trout are in the deeper water at the usual summer hotspots,” he said. “I generally use the MRGO Long Rocks as a boundry line to the east, and Battledore to the west, and I’ll fish all in between, wherever we find the fish. 

“In June, the higher-than-expected river made Black Bay muddy so we actually moved the eastern boundary over a bit and fished all the way over to the Central Rig area, where the water has been beautiful and the action red hot. Five Wells, the Rocks, the Dope Boat, Little Central, and on out to Breton Island have all been productive. Stone Island, the Wreck and Iron Banks areas, usually hot this month, have held on to that muddy river water longer than expected, but I do believe we’ll see good salty water over there any day, and then those spots will be back in play.

“That’s our summer pattern. Just go prepared to make the longer run to the outside water to find the fish, and when you find them, you should be able to be put some real good numbers of hefty trout in the box.”

Rando said live shrimp is a must this month, fished about 3 to 3 ½ feet under a popping cork.

“The exception is fishing the deeper Sound, then you need to get your live shrimp to the bottom,” he said. “Sliding sinkers or drop-shot rigs will work, but go prepared to lose some tackle. You’ll lose some on the bottom, snagging up in all the debris, and you’ll lose some to big toothy critters that show up out there during the summer. Sharks, spanish mackerel, jacks and other big mauraders will tear up a lot of tackle so have some leader lines already prepped and ready to tie on.”

But Rando said not all of the great action is that far out.

“If you want to target reds, you’ll also catch them in the mix at all the spots I just mentioned,” he said. “But there’s plenty redfish in Bay Lafourche, American Bay, Bay Gardene and Lake Campo, and you should also find them in Lake Batola and Grand Lake and Little Lake this month, even in the muddy river water. Live or dead shrimp is the best bait, fished under a cork at points and cuts and coves, or you can toss gold spoons or beetle-spins, with a shrimp creole matrix or a black/chartreuse H&H Cocahoe.”