“Delacroix action has been outstanding so far, and I see it only getting better in June,” said Charter Captain Mike Wittich (504-577-4774).

“This month we make the longer rides to the outside to get on the best fish, but the reward is worth the ride,” he said. “All the usual hotspots are producing fish whenever the winds lay down enough for us to get out there. Iron Banks, the Black Tanks, Lonesome, Stone Island, the Wreck... all are giving up some very pretty trout. Naturally, live shrimp under a cork is the best bait, but we’ve still been catching a lot of fish on plastics. The Deadly Dudley Slammin Sammy color has been real productive, tightlined, and shrimp imitation lures like the Egret Vudu in glow, chartreuse or glow/chartreuse are working well under a cork.”

Wittich said the biggest problem they had last year was a very high river that inundated Black Bay with fresh, cold, muddy water.

“We had to make long runs farther to the east to get away from the muddy water,” he said. “But so far this year we’re not having that problem. Last year the snowfall was very heavy up north over the winter and when that heavy snow melt traveled down river it produced high water in the river that spilled over here on the east side and displaced our trout and messed up our early summer fishing. This year they had a much milder winter, far less snowfall, and that means the river shouldn’t rise nearly as high. I’d say the prospects are great for a fantastic summer of Black Bay trout action.

“I also like to poke around a bit in the big outside bays like Oak River Bay, Bay Lafourche and Grand Point Bay, and see if I can pick up some trout and reds around the broken marsh islands. I’ve been successful at it in May, so I’ll keep at it until that wanes and then I’ll focus entirely on the Black Bay bounty.”

Wittich said if redfish are your target, work the points and cuts in Grand Lake with live or market shrimp under a cork, or throw gold spoons or beetle-spins.