This is the month to ply the bigger bays with topwater baits, according to veteran Charter Guide T-Man Cheramie (985-677-6294), who operates out of Larose.

“The Sulfur Mine will still have trout this month, but I’ll head out into bigger water for bigger fish,” he said. “Lake Felicity, Lake Chein, Lake Raccourci, Grey Duck... all will be good in April.”

Cheramie said he’s making regular trips and finding good fish, even on windy days.

“The good thing about topwater fishing in April is the weather is still cooler, the skies are often overcast which is perfect for the topwater bite,” he said. “You can still catch fish in the wind, and you can catch trout all day. 

“It’s best in the mornings and late afternoons but this month you’ll be able to catch trout all day long. You know once it warms up the action dies down by late morning, and when the real summer heat arrives the window gets even shorter. By 8 or 9 a.m., it’s over.”

Cheramie said to fish the lee shorelines or lee sides of islands, and don’t hesitate to throw your topwater plug straight into the wind. Walk the dog a bit and pause, walk and pause, and wait for the big topwater wallop! 

“Don’t jerk,” he said. “Just kinda ease your rod up firmly and keep a steady retrieve all the way into the boat.”

T-Man said he likes MirrOlure Top Dog Jr’s in the bone color or a chartreuse back/white belly color.

“I don’t think the color of the back is as important as the white belly, resembling the small mullet they’re feeding on right now,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter a whole lot whether the tide is rising or falling, as long as you have moving water,” he said. “Look for a good point or island, and toss that topwater plug out there. When the tide is up I fish closer to the bank, and when the water is low I fish farther off.”