During the waterfowl season, many habits — both good and bad — are formed by hunters and dogs alike. 

We set our coffee pots the night before every hunt, keep a steady supply of shotgun shells in rotation, nibble on some unhealthy hunting snacks and know each and every turn on the routes to and from our blinds. 

Our dogs are no different throughout the length of a season — they can get into a rut, as well. 

Often, as long as they do their jobs and pick up ducks and geese, we can get lazy about their blind etiquette and how sharp their lines are. 

Cody Bellanger, owner of Team Wild Wings, Inc. in Lafitte, knows these bad habits can be a problem for retrievers if we don’t address them in the offseason. 

In his 17 years of training dogs, Bellanger has developed a system to help retrievers recover from the bad habits formed during duck season, and he’s come up with three easy exercises on video that will have your dog ready to go next fall.

Bellanger and Team Wild Wings is available to train your new puppy, or to polish up your finished retriever. To learn more, check him out on Facebook.