Marker buoys: You’re going to need a couple of those to take full advantage of Caney Lake’s deepwater crappie.

“I find it very useful to have a couple of marker buoys to throw out when you find a really good group of crappie,” Jeff Glover said. “I’ll try to locate fish on my fish finder, mark them with a way point and then fish them.

“If I catch a couple, I’ll throw out a marker buoy so it’s easier to get right back on the fish.”

Some of Glover’s other favorite go-to gear for Caney crappie include Bobby Garland plastic lures in double silver rainbow, blue thunder and black-and-chartreuse colors.

He also relies on Crappie Bites, his touch-screen Lowrance fish finder and InvizX 6-pound flourocarbon line.

He ties a 6- to 8-foot leader of that line to heavier braid line on his reels.

His favorite reels are Shimano 2500 series Sahara spinning reels, and he uses several different lengths and brands of graphite crappie rods.

“Crappie fishermen are a lot more scientific in their approach and a lot more complex with their equipment than they used to be,” Glover said. “It’s like a biology experiment out there.”