Activity at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville picks up this month, with bass anglers looking to cash in while fish have moved up to spawn.

And 2015 Louisiana State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation champion Scott Buxton will be jostling to get his boat launched so he can probe the waters of the Lake Verret system for nesting bass.

“It’s not unusual to find good fish here starting to move shallower even in late January,” the 45-year-old Buxton said. “Last year when scouting for a February tournament, I was flipping a jig into laydowns, cypresses and stumps in Magazille, and caught one weighing 7.94 pounds on my digital scale.

“The quality of bass here is good, with winning bags in tournaments ranging from 14 pounds all the way to above 18 pounds.”

The weights should only get heavier as weather warms.

“In March there’s been a couple of bags weighing 23 and 24 pounds,” Buxton said. “There was even a bag weighing a little over 25 pounds reportedly taken in the Crackerhead.”

The Napoleonville resident knows what it takes to put quality fish in the boat, having lived in Bayou Corne and spent years learning the system that includes Lake Verret and Grassy Lake, along with bayous like Magazille.

While many anglers can’t wait to fish inside the Atchafalaya Basin levees, Buxton said the Verret system offers more stability during the spring, when high, muddy waters can make the bite inside the Spillway tough.

“I find the waters of the east side of the spillway from Lake Verret south to be better and more consistent in February and in March,” the angler said.

Here is Buxton’s tried-and-true approach to catching bass and winning tournaments in this picturesque