We all know we're supposed to use them. It's just Boating Safety 101. Yet we all too often get in a hurry or become complacent, and leave the life jackets in the locker or sitting on the seat as we zip from one fishing hole the next. And too many anglers don't even think about kill switches.

Because nothing is going to happen to me, right? But the fact is accidents happen — and we never see them coming.

This video of two young anglers heading out for a bass tournament shows just how fast things can go wrong and why safety equipment is vitally important.

The Youtube video begins like so many others, with one of the University of Florida anglers checking to ensure the GoPro camera is set up to film their run during what must be blast-off for the tournament.

Moments later, while apparently crossing the wake of another vessel, the boat hooked sharply to the right — and fishermen Hunter Bland and Connor Young were ejected.

The craft was moving almost 60 mph when the incident occurred, and the two young UF Bass Fishing Team members looked like rag dolls as they were flung from the boat.

Fortunately, the anglers were wearing life jackets and the driver had attached his kill switch. The boat instantly shut down, and the two youngsters slowly swam back to and pulled themselves into the boat.

Shockingly, several other boats passed without even checking up as the anglers struggled to get out of the water — a fact that is pretty disturbing, since it would be hard to notice the boat spinning out and the anglers bobbing in the water.

In any case, this video is more evidence of the importance of PFDs and kill switches.