Long before Marni Demelo ever saw a trophy Mississippi 10-pointer making its way through the woods Saturday, she heard it coming — thanks to the frigid conditions the region experienced during last weekend’s cold snap.

Demelo, 29, of New Orleans had the upper-hand before the big buck appeared — because she could hear it crunching through the ice near her stand in Jefferson County. 

“Because of the ice on the ground, I was able to hear the deer’s every move as it walked through the woods,” she said. “I was ready.”

With one minute of lead time, Demelo was ready and waiting when the bruiser appeared. 

That was huge, because light was fading fast. She was able to get her Remington 7mm-08 up and the buck in the scope as soon as it cleared the edge of the woods.

“Where he stepped out was 40 yards to my right and as soon as I saw him, I immediately knew he was a shooter," she said. "I put the binocular down, picked up the gun and within seconds, I had him in my crosshairs and took the shot.”

The buck fell right where it stood.

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