July 2018 - Volume 38, Number 7


When the mercury rises and the temperature ramps up this month, try these tips to keep putting speckled trout on ice.

Sunscreen, wide-brim hats, those little handheld fans that blow a cool mist on your face ... yeah, speckled trout will never benefit from such high-heat indulgences.

Bream bite best when the sun is up, and Leonard Kleinpeter knows how to catch them. But this is a ‘cricket-free zone’ — here’s how he uses grass shrimp to mop up.

“There’s a good one,” he said, glancing over his right shoulder. “And there’s a good one,” he said, throwing an eye over his left shoulder. “That’s a good one, too,” he nodded at another one.

Stifling summer heat can sap the energy of any angler. Find out how this couple uses bridges near Lake Pontchartrain to stay cool while they catch.

“I like fish that pull hard, ones that fight. I’m fishin’ for fun,” twanged Jeb Ard in a patented country accent. “If I want to eat fish, we go to a catfish buffet.” 

Great tips on targeting shallow summertime bass on Bayou Black.

The Pipeline Canal was completely impassable. 

And with that, Patrick Engerran immediately resorted to Plan B.

It’s prime time to target Ouachita River crappie in the tops. Here’s how one noted angler catches his share of summertime slabs hunkered down in the brush.

If you want to make Bobby Phillips smile, don’t tell him a joke. Just say, “Ouachita River crappie,” and that’s pretty much all it takes.

Class is in session, and Simsborro tournament angler Sid Havard breaks down how he targets schooling bass — including using his electronics to locate deep schools you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

The siren song of schooling bass has lured many an unsuspecting angler to spend the rest of his days wondering what the heck just happened.

Bass seek refuge from the heat just like anglers do — but that doesn’t mean they all head deep. Learn how focusing shallow could be the ticket for plenty of summertime fish.

Nature is dynamic; and like a well-composed symphony, its performance comprises multiple complementary elements that rise and fall at the conductor’s direction. 

Ruthless aggression is the name of the game for king mackerel — so big baits and wire rigs are key when tackling this toothy predator.

Lean, mean biting machines, king mackerel pack a mouthful of sharp teeth that’ll make short work of monofilament or even fluorocarbon line. These fish are also notorious for snipping baits in half and missing single hook-rigs. A double dose of frustration, to be sure, but this worthy opponent can be beaten — with the right equipment.

If you want to catch summertime trout in Cocodrie, this guide knows how to turn live shrimp into specks that will fill the box day in and day out.

The sun was just throwing amber light over the horizon when my bone-colored Badonk-a-donk disappeared in a toilet flush.

Louisiana Sportsman’s own Ann Taylor reeled in this beautiful speck on a recent trip out of Venice. For more tips on catching summertime trout, head to page 58.