March 2018 - Volume 38, Number 3


Gaspergou may be looked down upon by some bass anglers, but Mike Kelley Sr. has etched his name into the state record books with plenty of False River freshwater drum.

My eyes popped.

I was scrolling through the Louisiana Fish Records Program when I got to the category labeled “Freshwater Drum (Gaspergou),” I saw that four of the Top 10 entries were held by one man — Mike Kelley Sr. — and all were caught in False River.

Old submerged oilfield trash makes this spot a treasure trove for springtime speck anglers. Here’s how to target it — without too many snags — and fill the box.

Capt. Tommy Pellegrin called them “junk trout.”

It’s not often that you hear speckled trout, the fish of fishes in Louisiana, called anything at all relating to junk.

Elite Series pro Keith Poche created a versatile lure when he was a teenager that he still uses on tour today. Find out how the inventor of the KP Power Spinner rigs up — and then mops up the bass.

The darkly tanned professional fisherman paused when he walked out of the country convenience store and looked at the boat hanging on the back of his truck, a 21-foot Triton TrX Elite with a big 250-horse Mercury.

Turkey hunting is tough enough with a shotgun, but if you really want to increase the challenge, break out the sticks and string. Here’s what you need to know to bowhunt gobblers.

Harmon Carson will tell you that turkeys are smarter than you think. He should know — he’s been chasing them from Louisiana to Texas since he was in high school. 

Typically, windy conditions affect an angler much more than the fish. Use these tips to keep putting specks on ice this month — even when it’s blowing.

I loathe wind.

Mainly because it always blows when I don’t want it to. But also because it seems to follow me around.

Largemouth bass know they’re vulnerable when they move shallow. Employ these tactics this spring, and you just might land the lunker of a lifetime.

Big fish moving shallow — seems like a can’t-miss opportunity with home run potential, right? 

Your shotgun, choke, sights and ammo all play a big part in your success — or lack thereof — out in the woods. Try these tips to tweak your gobbler gun, and you’ll be talkin’ turkey this spring.

Editor's note: This story was written in conjunction with Kenny Long.

We have a love/hate relationship with our turkey shotguns — if they knock over a big gobbler on an improbable shot, we love them and take the credit. But if the gobbler runs off after what should have been an easy kill, it’s always the gun’s fault.

What will this winter’s unseasonably cold temperatures mean for spawning action this month at Louisiana’s premier big-bass location?

Picture a chilled champagne bottle, shaken and gripped in a white napkin; the cork pops and out spews the bubbly. But after that initial blast, the remaining liquid settles and allows you to pour it out in measured elegance. 

The spawn in South Louisiana is rarely a sight-fishing event, so we asked some experts to share tips that will help you catch more bass this spring. Cover photo by Andy Crawford.