February 2018 - Volume 38, Number 2


It almost seems like yesterday that bowhunters in the Bayou State headed into the field in early fall to kick off the 2017-18 deer season in Louisiana. 

Lake Bistineau in Northwest Louisiana is home to some lunker bass, and unfortunately, lots of salvinia, too. Here’s how one local angler fishes the first half of the year — and deals with the weedy pest.

“We fished this very spot,” murmured 59-year-old Rickey Lee. “I can’t remember names and faces, but I can remember where I caught a fish.”

In Delacroix this month, there is no “in-between” trout bite. Fish are either shallow — or they’re deep. Here’s how one guide regularly tracks them down.

Buck Perry, the father of structure fishing, always advised that fish would either be shallow, deep or somewhere in-between.

Hunting with dogs is a great way to bag a winter limit of squirrels — and also introduce youngsters to the sport.

Everything was gray.

The woods were drab, leafless and gray. The bare tree trunks and limbs were gray. The dead leaves underfoot were gray. And the sky was heavily overcast with uniformly gray clouds.

Dropshotting might seem simple, but understanding how to make small adjustments to match specific situations can put more bass in the boat. Here are the pros’ tips.

It’s the go-to rig for finessing finicky fish, nudging the cold-weary and lightly probing a variety of hard-cover scenarios from docks to laydowns, to bridges.

Details on a handful of the hottest crappie-producing spots in Louisiana — and tips for you to catch some slabs.

Football fans are probably still discussing (and cussing) the recent College Football Playoffs, where a champion was crowned from the best of the best.

On Lake D’Arbonne, February means crappie action is just about to kick in. And that means local angler Rick Hill is ready to mop up.

If you travel around crappie fishing circles in Northeast Louisiana, you probably heard about how good a crappie fisherman Farmerville’s Rick Hill is. 

Spawning activity typically cranks up across Toledo Bend this month. Use–––– these tips to take advantage of some of the best bass fishing all year long.

Fishing the Toledo Bend spawn means different things to different folks; and not only because of bait and spot preferences. Those factors certainly matter, but so does the calendar. Fact is, this massive Sabine River reservoir holds a load of bass and they have different baby-making schedules, depending on their geographic location.

We toured the state to find out where successful Louisiana crappie anglers hit their honey holes. Find out which locations made the Top 5, and see who’s No. 1 — starting on page 28.